Unknown and beautiful place, Shillong

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Shillong is a hill station in the northeastern part of India and the capital of Meghalaya.

Shillong offers an ideal blend of old world and modern charm. Tucked away in East Khasi Hills, this city offered a genuinely necessary break from constant voyaging.
Shillong travel circuit can easily boast to have the best roads, connectivity and tourist amenities and hence probably more people traveling to this state.

The place, the general population and the atmosphere all consolidate to make a climate to make Shillong a perfect occasion resort consistently.

At the point when and How to Go to Shillong

Shillong can be gone by during that time yet the best time is March to June. The temperature is lovely from Spring to Monsoon and everything is green around with rain now and again.

Firs you take off to Guwahati.
The magnificent system of shared taxis from Guwahati Airport or Guwahati city interface with Shillong during that time at the rate of Rs 200 to Rs 500 contingent upon the sort of vehicle and limit.

Well known spots to visit ..

Ward’s Lake

Lake at Shillong
Lake at Shillong

Situated in the core of the city, popular for short garden strolls and drifting, praised its century as of late.

A short stroll down one of the numerous streets from Police Bazaar prompts Wards Lake. This pony shoe lake is run of the mill of the lakes in the slope stations with green yards around. Culminate family time with kids, nourishing the ducks, moving on the yards, drifting or just walking around the cobbled path.

Umiam Lake(Barapani)
It is found 17 kilometers previously entering Shillong—a vast lake shaped after a hydroelectric dam was worked over a stream. There are facilities for water sports here: from water skiing for the adventurous to water cycling and basic drifting for the less overcome..

Elephant falls

Elephant waterfall at Shillong
Elephant waterfall at Shillong

The unique feature of this fall is that it gushes out water in three different steps.

The name ‘Elephant’ was given by British after a stone bear the fall which had the state of an elephant, it later got pulverized in the 1890s of every a tremor. Legitimate advances have been made for voyagers to get down to the falls and watch it very closes.

Mawsmai Caves
Despite the fact that daily outing to Cherrapunji may include 7-8 touring stops, however I feel Mawsmai hollows are the best or maybe the main thing worth doing in the entire trek other than obviously getting a charge out of the breathtaking valleys and view around.

The drive is good to the point that purported visitor spots stand superfluous. What’s more, no doubt, one can well enjoy some street food on the way.

Shillong Peak
This is the most the highest point in Shillong at around 2000 meters. The street to the pinnacle goes through the Air Force Base Station and now and again it is kept forbidden because of security concerns. Security and Identities are checked for all visitors previously enabling section to the view purpose of the Shillong peak. The amazing wide edge vista of Shillong starting here is a treat for the eyes. There is a store which loans conventional garments and frill at Rs 100/ – odd for photograph openings. The ladies with bloom crown holding flower baskets and men in turbans and swords were a significant sight.

Shopping in Police Bazaar
Police Bazaar is the heart of Shillong; overflowing with individuals and energetic business in each path. While there are marked retail outlets around; the woolen stuff , bamboo painstaking work sold in the minor shops along the path close the ramshackle Bijou Cinema or around Center Point are sensibly great at reasonable cost.

Where to Eat in Shillong

1 .Hit Cafe Shillong for its vegan momos, great shakes and steaks.

2.Choose the trendy Ginger Restaurant in Hotel Polo Towers for a comfortable dining experience and delicious Indian and Continental cuisine.

3.La Galerie in Hotel Center Point serves lip-smacking Indian, Chinese and Continental food.

Looks exciting, doesn’t it? No words can do justice to the actual beauty and ambiance of this place. We suggest you take a trip to Shillong to find out for yourself what’s so special about it.


Already been to Shillong?  Do share your experience in the comments and do add in your recommendations too.

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