Enjoyed a lot in budget,in DAMAN

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DAMAN,the destination much unheard has everything for you to spend

some calm and amazing days.Located on the west shore of India. It is a part of one of the union territories of India,known as DAMAN AND DIU and is located near Gujaat.

How to reach Daman
The cheapest way to reach Daman is to take a train to vapi and then a taxi or auto to reach the town…Popular Places in Daman
Mohti Daman, St. Jerome Fort, House of Bockage, and Lighthouse,jampore beach,mirasol garden and water park,jetty walking bridge,devka beach.

Stay Options in Daman 

There are different resort choices close Devka beach which provide comfortable stay with beach view rooms, swimming pools and spa options.Budget hotels can be found near the municipal market area in Nani Daman.

Jampore Beach

 Jampore beach DAMAN
Jampore beach DAMAN

One of the most beautiful and appealing beach of Daman,Jampore beach is located at the south of mohti Daman. The shoreline is perfect for swimmers as its popular for its quiet waters and in the middle of low tide one can easily go further into the sea.
The environment of the beach is calm and is usually not crowded. The beach is ideal for a peaceful picnic with your family or friends .In case you’re a shutterbug then this shoreline can offer some fascinating photos especially during the sunset.

Mohti Daman 

The old fort here is packed with ancient buildings, of which the most wonderful are the two places of worship,The Church of Bom Jesus and Our Lady of Rosario. The Church of Bom Jesus is bigger and more seasoned, and definitely more beautiful all things thought about/believed, yet the other church’s sacrificial table is generally viewed as the most beautifully cut and overlaid among all Portuguese (places of worship) in India. The(related to studying people who lived a very long time ago) Survey of India has reestablished a  large number of the old structures here. The postalso houses the Governor’s Palacewith an amazing trip of stairs and beautiful light fixtures.

Best Restaurants In Daman
Daman Delite, Sea rock in, Pepperzz,blue lagoon,Deltin,reevanta and many different resturants with delicious food.

Mirasol Lake Garden

mirasole resort
mirasole resort

The Mirasol Lake Garden makes up of a very much kept up fake lake and fancy garden.Including the lake is an eatery that serves full of delicious flavor dinners and a toy prepare that keeps kids engaged. The garden is a pleasant     combined zone for families, where they can share in vessel rides and short walks around the night.we can entertain our family by boating and toy train in mirasol garden,and there is mirasol water park too for enjoy your trip.Mirasol water park is very clean you can stay also in miramar hotel.

DAMAN beach
DAMAN beach

Finally you can take a heritage walk in Daman. 

This real city is extremely clean/excellent to see the brilliant past throughout the day and get alcoholic throughout the night, at last Daman is up until now unexplored by many travelers thatmakes it a pure, unspoiled, calm yet outstanding spot to be. With finish opportunity of drinking,celebrating and celebrating unequaled, Daman has part to offer for shopping and pampering your taste buds.If you want to enjoy short and budget trip you can visit at DAMAN.

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